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The Richt Honourable
Carwyn Jones
Carwyn Jones 2011.jpg
First Meenister o Wales
Assumed office
10 December 2009
Monarch Elizabeth II
Precedit bi Rhodri Morgan
Leader o Welsh Labour
Assumed office
1 December 2009
Precedit bi Rhodri Morgan
Counsel General for Wales
In office
19 July 2007 – 9 December 2009
First Meenister Rhodri Morgan
Precedit bi Office Creatit
Succeedit bi John Griffiths
Member o the Welsh Assembly
for Bridgend
Assumed office
6 May 1999
Precedit bi Constituency Created
Majority 6,725 (28%)
Personal details
Born (1967-03-21) 21 Mairch 1967 (age 51)
Swansea, Wales
Poleetical pairty Welsh Labour
Spoose(s) Lisa
Bairns Seren, Ruairi
Alma mater University of Wales
Inns of Court
Profession Barrister

Carwyn Howell Jones (born 21 Mairch 1967) is a Welsh politeecian an the First Meenister o Wales. The third offeecial tae lead the Welsh Govrenment, Jones haes been Assembly Member for Bridgend syne 1999. In the coalition govrenment o Welsh Labour an Plaid Cymru, he wis appointit Counsel General for Wales an Leader o the Hoose on 19 Julie 2007. Alang wi a number o ither Assembly Members, he is a fluent Welsh speaker, an is an aw a member o Amnesty International an the Fabian Society. He wis electit tae succeed Rhodri Morgan as the new Leader o Welsh Labour on 1 December 2009. On 9 December he wis nominatit as First Meenister an unanimously electit bi the Naitional Assembly. He wis sworn intae office the follaein day.[1]

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