Edward I o Ingland

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Keeng Edward I

Keeng Edward I (17 June, 1239 - 7 July, 1307) forby cawed Langshanks or Haimer o the Scots (Laitin: Scotorum Malleus) wis the keeng o Ingland frae 1272 til 1307. He vankisht Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, Prince of Wales an begoud Inglish rule thereawa. His airmy focht Sir William Wallace at the Battle o Stirlin Brig (whaur thay wis defeatit) an the Battle o Fawkirk (whaur thay won). He couldna reagin his pouer in Scotland an efter his daith, his son wis flemit oot o Scotland by Robert the Bruce.

He cam tae pouer efter fechtin a ceevil war agin Simon de Montford wi his faither Henry III at the young age o 19 an efter gaun on the Aicht Crusade.