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Battle o Fawkirk

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Battle o Fawkirk
Pairt o the First Scots Weir o Unthirldom

The Bishop o Durham's Chairge at Fawkirk
Date22 July 1298
LocationFawkirk, Scotland
Result Inglish victory
 Kinrick o Scotland

 Kinrick o Ingland

Commanders an leaders
William Wallace Edward I o Ingland
Antony Bek

6,000 men

15,000 men[2]

Casualties an losses
Aroond 2,000 killt [3] 2,000 killt [4]

The Battle o Fawkirk wis ane o the major stramashes o the First Scots Weir o Unthirldom, an wis a veectory for the Kinrick o Ingland. The Battle wis focht on the 22t o Julie 1298 in Fawkirk, in the middlins lawlands o Scotland atween the airmies o the Kinrick o Scotland- wha were led bi William Wallace an the Kinrick o Ingland wha were led bi Edward I o Ingland.

The battle

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The Scots airmy wis 6,000 strang an wis makkit up o 5,000 fitmen an 1,000 horse, monie of the Scots fitmen haed lang spears cawed schiltrons that were uised tae fend aff the Inglis horse. The Inglis airmy wis makkit up o 12,500 fitmen an 2,500 horse, an inouth the Inglis airmy were monie airchers - maist o wham were Welsh, forby the airmy haed lairge nummers o hivy horse that were rid bi sodgers wi lang lances.

The battle wis focht on boggie grund sae that the Inglis horse couldnae chairge directly at the Scots fitmen. Houaniver the Welsh airchers shuitit hails o flanes that badly daimiget the Scots fitmen, an than the Inglis fitmen and horse attackit frae the sides o the battlefield aroond the boggie aurie. Than the twa airmies focht a bluidy battle, wi the Inglis takkin veectory. Ance the battle haed feenisht, baith airmies haed losses o aboot 2,000 men. William Wallace an 4,000 ither Scots were able tae evite frae the battlefield but the defeat resultit in Wallace dimitit as Gairdian o Scotland.


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