Battle o Stirlin Brig

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Auld Stirlin Brig, Abbey Craig an Wallace Monument.

The Battle o Stirlin Brig wis ane o the major stramashes o the First Scots Weir o Unthirldom. The battle wis fochten on the 11t o September 1297 alang the River Forth in Stirlin atween the airmies o Scotland an Ingland an the battle wis a victory for the Scots airmy that wis led bi Sir Weelum Wallace an Andra Moray. The Scots airmy wis made up o aboot 2,000 fitmen an 300 chorse, the Inglis airmy wis made up o aboot 10,000 fitmen and 2,000 horse. The Scots waitit on the north side o the river till aboot hauf the Inglis haed cam athwart the brig an thay syne chairged. In the battle, the Scots airmy killt 5,000 Inglis infantry sodgers an 100 muntit knichts, the Scots losses wis licht but airmy heidsman Andra Moray dee'd frae his wounds a puckle days efter the battle.