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Andrew Moray

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Andrew Moray
Personal details
Dee'dsometime in late 1297
Cause o daithdue tae wounds received at the Battle o Stirlin Brig
RelationsUncle: Sir William Moray o Boddle, d.c.1300
Uncle: David Moray, bishop o Moray, d.1326.
BairnsSir Andrew Murray, later laird o Petty an Boddle, an Gairdian o Scotland.
ParentsFaither: Sir Andrew Moray o Petty, d. 8 April 1298
Mither: unnamed dauchter o John (I) Comyn o Badenoch
ThriftMilitar leader
ReligionRoman Catholicism
Militar service
AllegianceKinrick o Scotland
Years o service1297
Battles/warsFirst War o Scots Unthirldom:

Andrew Moray (French: Andreu de Moray; Laitin: Andreas de Moravia), forby kent as Andrew de Moray, Andrew o Moray, or Andrew Murray, an esquire,[1] wis prominent in the Scots Wars o Unthirldom. He led the risin in north Scotland in the simmer o 1297 against the occupation bi King Edward I o Ingland, successfully regainin control o the aurie for King John Balliol. He subsequently merged his forces wi thae led bi William Wallace an jyntly led the combined airmy tae veectory at the Battle o Stirlin Brig. Moray wis mortally woundit in the fechtin, deein at an unkent date an place later that year.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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