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John Balliol

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John Balliol
Keeng John, his croun an sceptre symbolically broken as depictit in the 1562 Forman Armorial, produced for Mary, Queen o Scots.
Keeng o Scots
Ring17 November 1292 – 10 Julie 1296
Coronation30 November 1292, Scone
PredecessorMargaret (disputed)
SuccessorRobert I
Bornc. 1249
Dee'd25 November 1314
Picardy, prob. Hélicourt
Buirialprob. Hélicourt
SpouseIsabella de Warenne
IssueEdward Balliol
HooseHoose o Balliol
FaitherJohn I de Balliol
MitherDevorguilla o Gallowa
ReleegionRoman Catholicism

John Balliol (Norman French: Johan de Bailliol, Middle Scots: Jhon Ballioun;[1][2] c. 1249 – 25 November 1314), kent as Toom Tabard (Scots for "empty coat"), wis Keeng o Scots frae 1292 tae 1296. Little is kent o his early life. Efter the daith o Margaret, Maid o Norawa, Scotland entered an interregnum in that several competitors for the Croun o Scotland put forwart claims. Balliol wis chuisen frae amang them as the new King o Scotland bi a group o selectit noblemen heidit bi King Edward I o Ingland. Edward uised his influence ower the process tae subjugate Scotland an undermined Balliol's personal ring bi treatin Scotland as a vassal o Ingland. Edward's influence in Scots affairs taintit Balliol's ring an the Scots nobility deponed him an appyntit a cooncil o twal tae rule insteid. This cooncil signed a treaty wi Fraunce kent as the Auld Alliance.

In retaliation, Edward invadit Scotland, stairtin the Wars o Scots Unthirldom. Efter a Scots defeat in 1296, Balliol abdicatit an wis impreesoned in the Touer o Lunnon. Eventually, Balliol wis sent tae Fraunce, an retired intae obscurity, takkin na mair place in politics. Scotland wis then left withoot a monarch till Robert the Bruce ascendit in 1306. John Balliol's son Edward Balliol wad later exert a claim tae the Scots throne against the Bruce claim in the minority o Robert's son David.

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