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Auld Alliance

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The Auld Alliance is the name gien til a series o treaties atween Scotland an Fraunce for mutual protection agin Ingland atween 1295 an 1560 (tho it shoud be merkit that Norawa wis involved in some o the earlier stents).[1]

The terms wisna the same in ilka treaty that wis gree'd on, but for ordinar thay held that gin ae kintra wis attackit bi Ingland, baith wad invade Ingland; an sic led tae the Battle o Flodden Field in 1513.[2]

It coud be seen frae 1165 whan William the Lion addressit an ambassy tae Louis VII o France bat thinkin the first script o this alliance whilka hae been foond is the Treaty signit in Paris the 23 Octobre 1295 atween John Baliol's (awso ca'd "John o Scotland") representin fowks an Philippe le Bel. The 23 Februar 1296, Scots parliament ratifee th'Alliance treaty signit wi Fraunce.

In 1326, Robert Bruce anewit the Alliance wi the treaty o Corbeil. In the XIVt an XVt centuries, the treaty wis invokit six times.

Acause o this treaty, som French wirds entered in the Scots leid, an they were in baith senses cultural influence.

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