Auld Alliance

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The Auld Alliance is the name gien til a series o treaties atween Scotland an Fraunce for mutual protection agin Ingland atween 1295 an 1560 (tho it shoud be merkit that Norawa wis involved in some o the earlier stents).

The terms wisna the same in ilka treaty that wis gree'd on, but for ordinar thay held that gin ae kintra wis attackit bi Ingland, baith wad invade Ingland; an sic led tae the Battle o Flodden Field in 1513.

It coud be seen frae 1165 whan William the Lion addressit an ambassy tae Louis VII o France bat thinkin the first script o this alliance whilka hae been foond is the Treaty signit in Paris the 23 Octobre 1295 atween John Baliol's (awso ca'd "John o Scotland") representin fowks an Philippe le Bel. The 23 Februar 1296, Scots parliament ratifee th'Alliance treaty signit wi Fraunce.

In 1326, Robert Bruce anewit the Alliance wi the treaty o Corbeil. In the XIVt an XVt centuries, the treaty wis invokit six times.

Acause o this treaty, som French wirds entered in the Scots leid, an they were in baith senses cultural influence.