William the Lion

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William 'the Lion'
William I, King of Scots (seal 01).png
Seal o William the Lion
Keeng o the Scots
Ring 9 December 1165 – 4 December 1214
Coronation 24 December 1165
Predecessor Malcolm IV
Successor Alexander II
Born Aboot 1143
Dee'd (1214-12-04)4 December 1214 (aged 71)
Buirial Arbroath Abbey
Spouse Ermengarde de Beaumont
Issue Margaret, Coontess o Kent
Isabella, Coontess o Norfolk
Alexander II o Scotland
Hoose Hoose o Dunkeld
Faither Henry o Scotland
Mither Ada de Warenne

William the Lion (Mediaeval Gaelic: Uilliam mac Eanric; Modren Gaelic: Uilleam mac Eanraig), whiles styled William I, an aa kent bi the nickname Garbh, "the Rough",[1] (c. 1143 – 4 December 1214) reigned as Keeng o the Scots frae 1165 tae 1214.

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