William Wallace

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William Wallace statue, Aiberdeen.
Wallace Moniment naur Stirlin.

Sir William Wallace (born aroond 127223 August 1305) wis the leader o the Scots airmy agin the Inglis for the first pairt o the Scots Weirs for Unthirldom an wis the Gairdian o Scotland frae 1297 til 1298. Wallace wis born in Elderslie, Renfrewshire an wis eddicatit at some time in his early years at the High Schuil o Dundee. Some soorces suggest his faither wis cawed Malcolm an ithers say his faither's name wis Alan. Wallace is thocht tae hae haed twa brithers whas names war John an Malcom.

He led the Scots airmy in the Battle o Stirlin Brig an the Battle o Fawkirk. He wis begowkit then executit by the Inglis laird King Edward I. Sir William Wallace wis kilt by hanging, drawing, an quarterin.

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