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Braveheart (Gallus Hert) is an American film fae 1995. The film wis directit an produced bi Mel Gibson, wha played the main role an aw. The film is foondit on the life o the Scots hero William Wallace, thare haes been muckle creeticeesm o the heestorical richtness o the film. The film wis mainly merkit for its recreation o the battles. Braveheart won mony Oscars, amang them for the Best Film an Best Directin.

On the hail the film is aboot the Scots hero William Wallace (Mel Gibson) that, wi the help o Robert the Bruce (Angus MacFadyen), gart the Scots gaither thegither for tae fecht agin the Ingles owerins unner Keeng Edward I "Langshanks" (Patrick McGoohan). At the beginin o the film the faither an brither o William wis kilt bi Ingles sodgers. Twinty year syne William cam back an mairriet on his belovit Murron (Catherine McCormack). At first he didna want ocht adae wi fechtin agin the Ingles. Murron wis murthert bi Ingles sodgers. In a raptur William kilt a group o sodgers, efter that he becam leader o the uprisin agin the Ingles. It cam tae a fecht atween the Ingles an the Scots, wi an attack on the Ingles toun o York an a bluidy battle follaed. In the hintend William wis taen preesoner an fower-quartert. He saw the last meenits o his life, Murron staundin atween the onleukers. E'en his freends howpit that he wad speir efter forgieness, but wi his last braith William cried: "Freedom!"

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