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Sooth Wales (Welsh: De Cymru) is the region o Wales bordered bi Ingland an the Bristol Chainel tae the east an sooth, an Mid Wales an Wast Wales tae the north an wast. The maist densely populatit region in the soothwast o the Unitit Kinrick, it is hame tae aroond 2.2 million fowk.[1] The region conteens amaist three-quairters o the population o Wales, includin the caipital ceety o Cairdiff (population approximately 350,000), as well as Swansea an Newport, wi populations approximately 240,000 an 150,000 respectively. The Brecon Beacons naitional pairk covers aboot a third o Sooth Wales, conteenin Pen y Fan, the heichest muntain sooth o Snowdonia.

The region is loosely defined, but it is generally considered tae include the historic coonties o Glamorgan an Monmouthshire, sometimes extendin wastwairds tae include Carmarthenshire an Pembrokeshire. In the wastren extent, frae Swansea wastwairds, local fowk wad probably recognise that they livit in baith sooth Wales an wast Wales — thare is considerable owerlap in these somewha airtificial boondars. Auries tae the north o the Brecon Beacons an Black Mountains are generally considered pairt o Mid Wales.

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