David Lloyd George

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The Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor

Prime Meenister o the Unitit Kinrick
In office
6 December 1916 – 19 October 1922
MonarchGeorge V
Precedit biH. H. Asquith
Succeedit biAndrew Bonar Law
Leader o the Liberal Pairty
In office
14 October 1926 – 4 November 1931
Precedit biH. H. Asquith
Succeedit biHerbert Samuel
Secretar o State for War
In office
6 Juin 1916 – 5 December 1916
Prime MeenisterH. H. Asquith
Precedit biThe Earl Kitchener
Succeedit biThe Earl o Derby
Meenister o Muneetions
In office
25 Mey 1915 – 9 Julie 1916
Prime MeenisterH. H. Asquith
Precedit biOffice Creatit
Succeedit biEdwin Samuel Montagu
Chancellor o the Exchequer
In office
12 Aprile 1908 – 25 Mey 1915
Prime MeenisterH. H. Asquith
Precedit biH. H. Asquith
Succeedit biReginald McKenna
Preses o the Buird o Trade
In office
10 December 1905 – 12 Aprile 1908
Prime MeenisterHenry Campbell-Bannerman
H. H. Asquith
Precedit biThe Marquess o Salisbury
Succeedit biWinston Churchill
Faither o the Hoose
In office
31 Mey 1929 – 26 Mairch 1945
Precedit biT. P. O'Connor
Succeedit biEarl Winterton
Member o Pairlament
for Carnarvon Boroughs
In office
10 Aprile 1890 – 26 Mairch 1945
Precedit biEdmund Swetenham[1]
Succeedit biSeaborne Davies
Personal details
Born17 Januar 1863(1863-01-17)
Chorlton-on-Medlock, Lancashire, Ingland
Dee'd26 Mairch 1945(1945-03-26) (aged 82)
Tŷ Newydd, Caernarfonshire, Wales
Poleetical pairtyLiberal
(1890–1916 an 1924–1945)
Naitional Liberal (1922–1923)
Spoose(s)Margaret Owen
(m.1888–1941; her daith)
Frances Stevenson
(m.1943–1945; his death)
ProfessionLawyer, politeecian
SignaturCursive signatur in ink

David Lloyd George, 1st Earl Lloyd-George o Dwyfor, OM, KStJ, PC (17 Januar 1863  – 26 Mairch 1945) wis a Breetish Liberal politeecian an statesman. He is best kent for his roles in mobilisin Breetish resoorces in the First Warld War, an then for leadin Breetain tae veectory ower Germany.

As Chancellor o the Exchequer (1908–1915) in H. H. Asquith's tenur as Prime Meenister, Lloyd George wis a key feegur in the introduction o mony reforms that laid the foondations o the modren weelfare state. His maist important role cam as the heichly energetic Prime Meenister o the Wartime Coaleetion Govrenment (1916–22), in an immediately efter the First Warld War. He wis a major player at the Paris Peace Conference o 1919 that reordered Europe efter the defeat o the Central Pouers. Awtho he remeened Prime Meenister efter the 1918 general election, the Conservatives war the lairgest pairty in the coaleetion, wi the Leeberals split atween thae leal tae Lloyd George, an thae still supportin Asquith. He becam the leader o the Leeberal Pairty in the late 1920s, but it grew even smawer an mair dividit. Bi the 1930s he wis a marginalised an widely mistrustit feegur. He gae waik support tae the war effort in the Seicont Warld War amang fears that he wis favourable taewart Germany.

He wis votit the third-greatest Breetish prime meenister o the 20t century in a poll o 139 academics organised bi the mercat-resairch company MORI, an wis named amang the 100 Greatest Britons in a UK-wide vote in 2002.[2]

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