Privy Cooncil o the Unitit Kinrick

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Her Majesty's Maist Honourable Privy Cooncil
Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (HM Government).svg
Ryal Coat o Arms
Abbreviation Privy Cooncil, PC
Predecessor Privy Cooncil o England
Privy Cooncil o Scotland
Privy Cooncil o Ireland
Formation 1 Mey 1708 (1708-05-01)
Legal status non-executive advisory bouk
Leet o current members
Elizabeth II
Chris Grayling
Clerk o the Cooncil
Richard Tilbrook
Privy Cooncil Office

Her Majesty's Maist Honourable Privy Cooncil, uisually kent simply as the Privy Cooncil, is a formal bouk o advisers tae the Sovereign o the Unitit Kinrick.