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Winston Churhcill
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Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (30 November 1874 − 24 Januar 1965) wis an Inglis politeecian maist weel-kent for his guideship o the Unitit Kinrick durin Warld War II. Houaniver he wis an officer in the Breetish airmy, a historian, a Nobel Prize-winnin author an an airtist an aw.

Bairnheid[eedit | eedit soorce]

He wis born in Bleinheim Pailace in 1874, intae a weel-kent faimlie. As a bairn, he wis nae guid at the schuilin, an gat intae tribble. He gaed tae Harrow Schuil 1888, an while thare he jynt the Harrow Rifle Corps. Forby thon, while he wis thare he gat guid merks in Inglis an History an wis the schuil fencin kemp.

Breetish Airmy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Efter he left Harrow in 1893, he applee'd tae the Ryal Militar Academy Sandhurst, houaniver it teuk him three shotties for tae git in. Whan he gat in, he graduatit 8t oot a cless o 150, an wis commeesioned as a Seicont Lieutenant in the 4t Queen's Ain Hussars. As an officer in the Breetish airmy, he saw fechtin in Indie, Sudan an in Sooth Africae, durin the Seicont Boer War. Forby thon, he sert on the Wastren Front durin Warld War I.

Politeecal career[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1900 he wis electit tae be a Member o Pairlament for Oldham as a Conservative. Houaniver in 1904 he becam a Leeberal, an in 1906 becam Member o Pairliament for Manchester North-Wast. In 1911 he becam First Laird o the Admiralty, a poseetion he haudit intae Warld Weir I. He supportit reform sic as naval aviation, oncome o tanks an chyngin frae coal tae ile in the Ryal Navy. Houaniver, efter the Battle o Gallipoli, he resignt an jynt the airmy ance mair serrin on the Wastren Front (see abuin). In 1922 he jynt the Conservatives again, but didna git electit, sae he 1923 he retourt tae the Leeberals but didna git electit but he gat electit in 1924 as an independent in Epping, an the neist year he jynt the Conservatives yit again an wis appyntit thesaurer. In 1929 the Conservatives tint the General Election, an Churchill didna chuise tae try an git reelectit, but he chuist tae stey inrowed in politics.

Seicont Warld War[eedit | eedit soorce]

At the ootbrak o Warld War II, Churchill wis appyntit First Laird o the Admiralty again, siclike he haed been at the ootbrak o WWI. But efter Neville Chamberlain resigned as Prime Meenister, Churchill teuk ower. As Prime Meenister, Breetain faced bein invadit bi Germany. His speeches wis o great inspiration tae the Breetish fowk, mony o thaim aye weel-kent nou. He haed a guid sibness wi Americae that helpit tae git supplies frae thaim, an keepit thaim as allies. Maugre o bein anti-communist, he supportit the Soviet Union durin WWII an gied thaim supplees an wappens. His speeches keepit Breetish fettle up, an he helpit tae guide the kintra's militar wi his generals tae win the war, whan it haed leukit lik Breetain wad be invadit. This makkit him verra faur ben wi Breetish fowk, an he is conseedered ane o the best orators e'er. Warld War 2 endit lang an lenth in August 1945.

Efter the War[eedit | eedit soorce]

Efter the war, maugre his undeemous popularity, he tint the neist general election. This is jaloused tae be acause the Breetish fowk socht reform efter the war. Houaniver he bid in politics, an wis reelectit as Prime Meenister in 1951. Durin this time, he haed tae deal wi the Mau Mau rebellion an the Malayan Emergency, but aucht unweel halth, he retired as Prime Meenister in 1955. He than spent less time in Pairlament till he retired frae poleetics awthegither in 1964. He dee'd in 1965. Nouadays he is conseedered ane o the best orators, leaders an Breetish fowk e'er.