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Breetish Airmy

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The Breetish Airmy is the name o the defence force o the kintras o the Unitit Kinrick as weel as ony croun protectorates sic as the Isle o Mann, Chainel Islands an Bermuda.

Breetish Airmy
British Army
Foondit1 Januar 1660; 364 years ago (1660-01-01)[1][2]
Size82,040 leish kemps (2021)
29,740 reser sodgers (2021)
Pairt oBreetish Airmed Forces
PatronCharles III
Commander-in-ChiefCharles III
Chief of the General StaffGeneral Sir Mark Carleton-Smith[3]
Deputy Chief of the General StaffLieutenant General Sir Christopher Tickell
Army Sergeant MajorWarrant Officer Class 1 Paul Carney
War flag
Non-ceremonial flag

The Airmy is spleet intil 'Territorial Airmy', that is a pairt-time job, an' 'Regular Airmy', that wirks fu'-time, but baith airmies fecht in wars.

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