Commonweel Gemmes

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Commonweel Gemmes Federation
Commonwealth Games Federation seal.svg
Seal o the Commonweel Games Federation

Commonwealth Games Federation Logo.svg

Commonwealth Games Federation Flag
First event1930
HeidquartersLondon, England
PresidentHRH Prince Tunku Imran

The Commonweel Gemmes (Inglis: Commonwealth Games, kent as the Breetish Empire Gemmes frae 1930–1950, the Breetish Empire an Commonweel Gemmes frae 1954–1966, an Breetish Commonweel Gemmes frae 1970–1974)[1] is an internaitional, multi-sport event involvin athletes frae the Commonweel o Naitions. The event wis first held in 1930, an, wi the exception o 1942 an 1946, which war cancelled due tae World War II, haes taken place every fower year syne then.

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