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San Julián de los Prados

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Facade o" the church o' San Julián de los Prados - Oviedo

San Julián de los Prados, an kent as weel as Santuyano, is a pre-Ramirense church fae the oncom o the 9th century in Oviedo, the capital toon o the Principality o Asturias, Spain. It's yin o the greatest wirks o Asturian art an wis made an historical monument by the Spanish Ministry o Cultur in 1917 an a World Heritage site by UNESCO in December 1998. [1]

The church's construction wis ordert bi Alfonso II o Asturias an twas built by the Court architect Tioda c. 830. It is dedicated tae the martyred Egyptian Saint Julian an Saint Basilissa.

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