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Ayr (Scots Gaelic: Inbhir Àir Mouth o the River Ayr) is a toun an port lyin oan the Firth of Clyde in sooth-wast Scotland. Wi aboot 46,000 fowk, Ayr is the mucklest toun in Ayrshire, an wis a royal burgh syne 1205. Ayr is the centur o govirnment fae Sooth Ayrshire.

Tae the north o Ayr is the toun o Prestwick, famous fae gowf and aeroplanes as hame o Glesgae Prestwick International Airport. Allowa is an aw in the aurrie, kent fae the makar Robert Burns.

In 2002, Ayr wis yin o fower Scottish touns vyin fae ceety status tae mark the Queen's Golden Jubilee, but lost oot tae Stirlin.[1]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1197, Keeng William the Lion ordered that a new castle be biggit atween the River Ayr an the River Doon. It is believed that the castle wis a widden structur biggit aroond Montogomerie Terrace. Ayr wis later established as a ryal burgh an mercat toun on 21 Mey 1205 bi King William the Lion.[2][3]

On April 26, 1315, the yinst Scots Pairlament wis held in Ayr by Robert the Bruce at St. John's Tower by the sea. It wis aince kent as 'Inverair/Inverayr' and this uisage is aye kept in the Scottish Gaelic form o the nam Inbhir Air.

Oliver Cromwell buildit a muckle waw aboot the toun, maist o which can aye be seen the day. St John's Tower, in that airt, wis aince pairt o a muckle kirk, but it wis demolishit, an the tower is the nou protectit by the "Friends Of Saint Johns Tower" (FROST).

The formation o the Kinrick o Great Breetain throu the Acts o Union 1707 providit Ayr wi signeeficant treddin opportunities an impruivements tae the toun's infrastructur, wi Ayr's textile, oo, linen an shaemakkin industries thrivin as a result.[2] A smaw lichthoose wis constructit on the River Ayr in 1712, follaed by a quay in 1713. Repairs tae the toun's Harbour an High Tolbooth teuk place atween 1724 an 1726, wi fundin providit bi the Convention o Ryal Burghs. Street lichtin wis instawed aroond the toun centre in 1747.[4]

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Coordinates: 55°27′50″N 4°37′40″W / 55.4639°N 4.6278°W / 55.4639; -4.6278