River Blaidnoch

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The River Bladnoch meets the Cree mooth in Wigtoun Bay.

The River Blaidnoch (English: Bladnoch) is a river in the Machars in the historical coonty o Wigtounshire in Dumfries an Gallowa in soothwast Scotland. Ane o the earliest descrievins o it is gien bi Sir Andrew Agnew o Lochnaw an Sir David Dunbar in an appendix til Andrew Symson's wark A Large Description of Galloway written in the 17t century.[1] In this beuk thay say that:

Blaidzenoch which floweth from the mountnous parts of Penninghame, and runs from the north to the south. It runneth through Lochmabary, (wherein there is ane little isle, with ane house upon it) and by the way it receaveth into several waters; the most considerable is the water of Tarfe, which hath its rise from Airtfeeld, in the Muirs of Luce, and falleth into Blaidzenoch, under the house of Craighlaw. The Blaidzenoch turns to the east, and after it heth fra its source run twenty miles (32 km), it falleth into the Bay of Wigtoun, near above the place of Baldone.

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Coordinates: 54°52′N 4°24′W / 54.867°N 4.400°W / 54.867; -4.400