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Irvine or Irvin (Scots Gaelic: Irbhinn) is a new toun on the coast o the Firth o Clyde in North Ayrshire, Scotland. In 2007 the toun wis hame ti 39,527 fowk, makin it the mukkilest toun in North Ayrshire.

Irvin wis the steid o Scotland's 12t centurie Militar Caipital and umwhyl heidsteid o the Laird Hie Shirra o Scotland, Hugh de Morville. It wis the heidtoun o Cunninhame destrict an aw.

The toun wis yinst a haunt o Robert Burns, eftir that twa streets in the toun bes named: Burns Street and Burns Crescent. He is kent ti hae wrocht in a flax mill on the Glesga Vennel. In maugre o bein braundit a new toun, Irvin haes haed a lang historie streikin back monie centuries an wis braundit a Ryal Burgh. Forby, thar is whimpers that Mary, Queen o Scots bade brieflie at Seagate Castle. Til this day thar is yit a yeirlie blythtyd, caw'd Marymass, held in the toun.