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The Wigtown Martyrs

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The Martyrs' Grave, Wigtown Parish Church, Galloway

The Wigtown Martyrs or Solway martyrs, Margaret McLachlan, aroond 60, an Margaret Wilson, 18, wur Scots Covenanters wha wur executed by Scots Episcopalians in 1685 in Wigtown, in Gallowa Scotland, by tying thaim tae stakes on the toun's mudflats an allowing thaim tae drown wi the rising tide.[1][2]

Margaret Wilson as depicted by John Everett Millais - The Martyr of the Solway (Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, c. 1871.

On Margaret Wilson's gravestone in the kirkyard is the inscription, "Within the sea, tyd to a stake / She suffered for Christ Jesus sake."

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