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The location of the Machars in Scotland.

The Machars (Scots Gaelic: Machair (Ghallghaidhealaibh); lit. "the Plains (o Gallowa)") is a peninsula in Gallowa in the sooth-wast o Scotland. It comprises pairt o the coonty o Wigtounshire. The main touns here ur Wigtoun an Whithorn

Coordinates: 54°49′05″N 4°31′23″W / 54.818°N 4.523°W / 54.818; -4.523

Mochrum Loch - The Machars

Saint Ninian (360-432) also kennt as St Ringan, brought Christianity tae what-would-become Scotland via The Machars, founding a small church at the Isle o Whithorn fae whilk a mediæval cathedral efter sprang at Whithorn. Ninian studied under St Martin o Tours an is credidit with bringin Christianity tae Scotland lang afore St Columba, wha's church at Iona is often mistakenly credited as the Cradle o Scots Christianity.

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