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Notts County F.C.

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Notts County
Full nameNotts County Football Club
Nickname(s)The Magpies, County, Notts
Foondit28 November 1862; 161 years ago (1862-11-28)
GroundMeadow Lane
Ground Capacity20,229[1]
Ground Coordinates52°56′33″N 1°8′14″W / 52.94250°N 1.13722°W / 52.94250; -1.13722Coordinates: 52°56′33″N 1°8′14″W / 52.94250°N 1.13722°W / 52.94250; -1.13722
AwnerAlan Hardy
ChairmanAlan Hardy
ManagerKevin Nolan
LeagueLeague Two
2022–23National League, 2nt o 24 (promotit via play-offs)
WabsteidClub wabsteid
Current saison

Notts County Football Club (aften kent as Notts or County or bi their elk-name The Magpies) are an Inglis professional fitbaw club. They ar the auldest professional fitbaw league club in the warld, haein been formed in 1862. They will start the 2010–11 season in League Ane o The Fitbaa League, haein wan promotion as champions o League Twa the previous season. County play their home games at Meadow Lane in black an white striped shirts.

The club haes haed several spells in the top division o Inglis fitbaw, maist recently in 1991-92, when Coonty played in the auld First Division. Notable umwhile managers o Notts County include Jimmy Sirrel, Neil Warnock, Howard Kendall an Sam Allardyce.

The club haes haed several awners. In the 21st century a series o financial problems haes seen the club awned bi a Supporters' trust, who selt the club tae Munto Finance - a subsidiary o Qadbak Investments. Further monetary difficulties saw the club selt, for a nominal fee, tae Peter Trembling, who then selt the club tae Ray Trew for £1 efter the club haed been servit with twa windin up petitions frae HM Revenue an Customs due tae demands for a late PAYE payment o aroond £500,000.

Honours[eedit | eedit soorce]

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