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Template:Infobox fitbaw league The English Football League Championship (aften referred tae as The Championship for short, or the Sky Bet Championship for sponsorship raisons) is the heichest diveesion o the English Football League an seicont-heichest diveesion oweraw in the Inglis fitbaw league seestem efter the Premier League.

The Football League Championship wis introducit for the 2004–05 saison, haein been previously kent as the Football League First Division. Accordin tae Deloitte, in the 2004–05 saison it wis the walthiest nan-top flicht fitbaw diveesion in the warld, an the saxt richest diveesion in Europe.

The winners o the Football League Championship receive the Football League Championship trophy which is the same trophy as the auld First Division Champions (nou the Premier League) wur haundit prior tae the Premier League's inception in the 1992/1993 season.

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