Swansea City A.F.C.

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Swansea City
Full nameSwansea City Association Football Club
Nickname(s)The Jacks, The Swans
Foondit1912; 112 years ago (1912) (as Swansea Town)
GroundLiberty Stadium, Swansea
Ground Capacity20,750[1]
ChairmanHuw Jenkins
ManagerSteve Cooper
2022–23Championship, 10t o 24
WabsteidClub wabsteid

Swansea City Association Football Club (/ˈswɒnzi ˈsɪti/; Welsh: Clwb Pêl-droed Dinas Abertawe) is a Welsh profeesional fitbaw club based in the ceety o Swansea, Sooth Wales that plays in the Premier League. Swansea City represent Ingland when playin in European competeetions, awtho they hae representit Wales in the past. They play their hame matches at the Liberty Stadium.

The club wis foondit in 1912 as Swansea Town an jyned the Football League in 1921. The club chyngit their name in 1969, when it adoptit the name Swansea City tae reflect Swansea's new status as a ceety.[2]

In 1981, the club wur promotit tae the oreeginal Football League First Division. It wis durin the follaein saison they came close tae winnin the league title, but a decline then set near the saison's end afore feenishin saxt, awtho a club record. It wis frae here the club suffered a relegation the saison efter, returning tae the Football League Fourth Division a few saisons later, then narrowly avoidit relegation tae the Football Conference in 2003. Prior tae playin hame matches at the Liberty Stadium, the team haed previously hostit at the Vetch Field. The Swansea City Supporters Society Ltd awns 20% o the club,[3] wi their involvement hailed bi Supporters Direct as "the maist heich profile example o the involvement o a supporters' trust in the direct runnin o a club".[4]

In 2011, Swansea wur promotit tae the Inglis Premier League, becomin the first Welsh team tae play in it syne its formation in 1992. On 24 Februar 2013, Swansea beat Bradford City 5–0 tae win the 2012–13 Football League Cup (the competeetion's heichest iver winnin margin for the feenal), winnin the first major Inglis trophy in the club's history an qualifyin for the 2013–14 UEFA Europa League.[5]

Honours[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Football League

Domestic Cup Competition

European Competition

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