EFL League Two

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(Reguidit frae Football League Two)
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EFL League Two
Kintra  Ingland (23 teams)
Ither club(s) frae  Wales (1 team)
Foondit 2004
1992–2004 (as Division Three)
1958–1992 (as Division Four)
Nummer o teams 24
Levels on pyramid 4
Promotion tae League One
Relegation tae National League
Domestic cup(s) FA Cup
League cup(s) Football League Cup
Football League Trophy
Current champions Northampton Town
TV partners Sky Sports
Channel 5 (Hielichts Anerly)
Wabsteid League Two
2015–16 Football League Two

English Football League Two (aften referred tae as League Two for short or Sky Bet League 2 for sponsorship raisons) is the third-heichest diveesion o the English Football League an fowert-heichest diveesion oweraw in the Inglis fitbaw league seestem.

Football League Two wis introducit for the 2004–05 saison. It wis previously kent as the Football League Third Division.[1] Afore the advent o the Premier League, the fowert-heichest diveesion wis kent as the Football League Fourth Division.

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