West Bromwich

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West Bromwich
Exterior, The Public, West Bromwich - geograph.org.uk - 1537748.jpg
The Public
West Bromwich is locatit in West Midlands (coonty)
West Bromwich
West Bromwich
West Bromwich shawn within the Wast Midlands
Population 75,405 
(Urban Sub-Area)[2]
OS grid reference SP0091
• London 126 mi (203 km)
Metropolitan burgh
Metropolitan coonty
Kintra Ingland
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Postcode destrict B70 – B71
Diallin code 0121
Polis Wast Midlands
Fire Wast Midlands
Ambulance Wast Midlands
EU Pairlament Wast Midlands
UK Pairlament
List of places
Wast Midlands
52°31′08″N 1°59′42″W / 52.519°N 1.995°W / 52.519; -1.995Coordinates: 52°31′08″N 1°59′42″W / 52.519°N 1.995°W / 52.519; -1.995

West Bromwich Listeni/wɛst ˈbrɒmɪ/ or /wɛst ˈbrɒmwɪ/ is a toun athin the Metropolitan Borough of Sandwell, in the Wast Midlands coonty o Ingland. Historically in Staffordshire, it is situatit 5 miles (8 km) northwast o Birmingham on the A41 Lunnon-tae-Birkenhead road, an is pairt o the Black Kintra. West Bromwich is the lairgest toun in Sandwell, wi a population o 75,405 at the 2011 census;[1] the wider West Bromwich Urban Sub-Aurie wis recordit as haein a population o 136,940 at the time o the 2001 census.[2]

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