Queens Park Rangers F.C.

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Queens Park Rangers
Fou name Queens Park Rangers Football Club

The Hoops[1]

The R's
Foondit 1882; 136 years ago (1882)
Grund Loftus Road Stadium
(capacity: 18,489[2])
Awner Tony Fernandes (66%)
The Mittal faimily (33%)
Chairman Tony Fernandes
Manager Harry Redknapp
League Premier League
2013–14 The Championship, 4t (promotit via playoffs)
Wabsteid Club hame page
Home colours
Away colours
Current season

Queens Park Rangers Football Club (pronounced /ˌkwiːnz ˌpɑrk ˈreɪndʒərz/ (deprecatit template)) (uisually referred tae as QPR, an aa kent as the Rangers, the Rs or the Hoops) are an Inglis professional fitbaa club, based in Shepherd's Bush, Hammersmith and Fulham, wast Lunnon. They currently play in the Premier League, an their honours include winnin the League Cup in 1967, an being runners-up in the auld First Division in 1975–76 an FA Cup in 1982.

Queens Pairk Rangers Fitbaa Club wur foondit in 1882, an their traditional colours are blue an white. In the early years efter the club's formation in their oreeginal hame o Queen's Park, games wur played at mony different grunds till finally the club settled intae their current location at Loftus Road. Awin tae their proximity tae ither wast Lunnon clubs, QPR maintain lang-standin rivalries wi several ither clubs in the aurie. The maist notable o these are Chelsea, Fulham an Brentford wi whom they contest wha are kent as Wast Lunnon derbies.

Honours[eedit | eedit soorce]



  • Wast Lunnon Challenge Cup Finalist 1890-91
  • Wast Lunnon Observer Cup Winners 1892-93, 1893-94
  • Lunnon Cup Winners 1895
  • Soothren Charity Cup Winners 1913

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