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Loftus Road
The Loft
Loftus Road 3.jpg
Full name Loftus Road Stadium
Location South Africa Road,
Shepherd's Bush,
W12 7PJ
Coordinates 51°30′33″N 0°13′56″W / 51.50917°N 0.23222°W / 51.50917; -0.23222Coordinates: 51°30′33″N 0°13′56″W / 51.50917°N 0.23222°W / 51.50917; -0.23222
Public transit White City, London Underground
Awner Queens Park Rangers Football & Athletic Club Ltd
Capacity 18,439 (2012)
Record attendance 35,353 (QPR vs Leeds United, 27 April 1974)
Field size 112 bi 72 yards (102 bi 66 m)
Surface Grass
Scorebuird Electronic
Biggit 1904
Appent 1904
Shepherd's Bush F.C. (1904–1915)
Queens Park Rangers F.C. (1917–31, 1933–62, 1963–present)
London Wasps (Guinness Premiership) (1996–2002)
Fulham F.C. (2002–2004)

Loftus Road is a fitbaw stadium locatit in Shepherd's Bush, Lunnon. It wis oreeginally the hame stadium o Shepherd's Bush F.C., but became hame tae its maist famous club for the first time in 1917 when Inglis fitbaw team Queens Park Rangers muivit in for the first o its three periods at the stadium. In 1981 the grund became the first stadium in Breetish profeesional fitbaw tae hae an airtificial pitch o Omniturf instawed, which remained till 1988. The fower staunds are the Loftus Road End (aften shortened tae The Loft), Ellerslie Road Stand, South Africa Road Stand an the School End, which is uised bi awaya supporters.

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