Hull City A.F.C.

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Hull City A.F.C.
Hull City badge
Full nameHull City Association Football Club
Nickname(s)The Tigers
Foondit1904; 120 years ago (1904)
GroundKC Stadium
Kingston upon Hull
Ground Capacity25,400[1]
ChairmanAssem Allam
ManagerNigel Adkins
2022–23Championship, 15t o 24
WabsteidClub wabsteid

Hull City Association Football Club /ˈhʌl ˈsɪti/ is a Inglis association fitbaw club based in Kingston upon Hull, East Riding o Yorkshire. It wis foondit in 1904. The club pairticipates in the Championship an thair greatest achievement in cup competitions came in 2014, when the team reached the feenal o the FA Cup.[2] In 2007–08 thay achievit promotion tae the tap flicht o Inglis fitbaw for the first time in thair history bi winnin the Championship play-aff feenal at Wembley Stadium. Thair heichest league finish wis for the 2013–14 saison, in which thay feenished 16t in the Premier League table.

Hull City play thair hame gemmes at the KC Stadium. Thay previously played at Boothferry Park but muivit tae thair current hame in 2002. Boothferry Park haes nou been demolished an haes been replacit bi a hoosin development. Thay tradeetionally play in black an amber, aften wi a stripit sark design, hence thair elk-name The Tigers. The club's mascot is Roary the Teeger.

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