Birmingham City F.C.

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Birmingham City F.C.
Full nameBirmingham City Football Club
Foondit1875 as Small Heath Alliance
GroundSt Andrew's
Ground Capacity30,016[1]
Ground Coordinates52°28′32″N 1°52′04″W / 52.47556°N 1.86778°W / 52.47556; -1.86778Coordinates: 52°28′32″N 1°52′04″W / 52.47556°N 1.86778°W / 52.47556; -1.86778
OwnerBirmingham International Holdings[2]
ManagerGarry Monk
2022–23Championship, 17t o 24
WabsteidClub wabsteid
Current saison

Birmingham City Football Club (pronounced /ˈbɜrmɪŋɡəm ˈsɪti/ (deprecatit template)) is a professional association fitbaw club based in the ceety o Birmingham, Ingland. Formed in 1875 as Small Heath Alliance, they became Small Heath in 1888, then Birmingham in 1905, finally becomin Birmingham Ceety in 1943. At the end o the 2008–09 season, they wur promotit frae the Football League League Championship tae spend their saxt saison in the Premier League.

As Small Heath, they wur foonder members an first iver champions o the Fitbaa League Seicont Division. The maist successful period in their heestory wis in the 1950s an early 1960s. They achieved their highest finishing position o saxt in the First Division in the 1955–56 season an reached the 1956 FA Cup Final, progressed tae the final o the Inter-Ceeties Fairs Cup in 1960 an 1961, an wan their first major trophy, the League Cup, in 1963, beatin Aston Villa 3–1 on aggregate. They wan the latter for the seicont time in 2011. They hae played in the top tier o Inglis fitbaw for the majority o their heestory. Their langest period spent ootside the top diveesion, atween 1986 an 2002, includit twa brief spells in the third tier o the Inglis League, durin which time they twice wan the Fitbaa League Trophy.

St Andrew's haes been their hame grund syne 1906. They hae a lang-standin an fierce rivalry wi Aston Villa, their nearest neighbours, wi whom they play the Seicont Ceety derby. The club's nickname is Blues, due tae the colour o their kit, an their fans ar kent as Bluenoses.

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