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Stranrawer (Inglis: Stranraer, frae Scots Gaelic An t-Sròn Reamhar meanin "the fat neb") is a toun in the soothwast o Scotland. Hit byds in the wast o Dumfries an Gallowa an in the coontie o Wigtounshire. Hit haed 10,851 indwallers at the tyd o the 2001 Census.

Stranrawer is on the shores o Loch Ryan whaur the Rhins o Gallowa jyns the mainland. Awtho the Scots Gaelic name literallie meins "the fat neb" hit micht be owerset as "the braid heidland" anaw. Stranrawer is best kent as a haven for ferries atwein Scotland an Belfast in Northren Ireland. Hit is a hub for ane o the warld's mukkilest ferrie companies, Stena Line. The toun haes a railwey station linkin hit wi Ayr, Kilmarnock an Glesga faurer north.

Coordinates: 54°54′05″N 5°02′06″W / 54.9014°N 5.035°W / 54.9014; -5.035