John Claudius Loudon

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John Claudius Loudon
John Claudius Loudon
Born8 Apryle 1783(1783-04-08)
Cammuslang, Lanrikshire, Scotland
Dee'd14 December 1843(1843-12-14) (aged 60)
3 Porchester Terrace, Lunnon, Ingland
ResidenceLunnon, Ingland
Alma materVarsity o Edinburgh
Hauf-marrae(s)Jane Webb
(m. 1830–1843, his daith)

John Claudius Loudon (8 Apryle 1783 – 14 December 1843) wis a Scots botanist, gairden designer an seemetry designer, author an gairden magazine eeditor.[1] He wis the first tae uise the term arboretum in writin tae refer tae a gairden o plants, especially trees, collectit for the purpose o scienteefic study.[2]

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