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Skeitchbuirders in Beijing, Cheenae

Skeitchbuirdin is an action sport which involves ridin an performin tricks uisin a skeitchbuird.

Skeitchbuirdin can be a recreational activity, an airt form, a job, or a method o transportation.[1] It haes been shapit an influencit bi mony skatebuirders throughoot the years. A 2002 report foond that there wur 18.5 million skeitchbuirders in the warld. 85 percent o them polled who haed uised a buird in the last year wur unner the age o 18, an 74 percent wur male.[2]

Skeitchbuirdin is relatively modren. A key skeitchbuirdin maneuver, the ollie, wis developit in the late 1970s bi Alan "Ollie" Gelfand as a hauf-pipe maneuver. Freestyle skeitchbuirder Rodney Mullen was the first tae tak it tae flat grund an later inventit the kickflip an its variations. Syne the 1970s, skeitchpairks hae been constructit specifically for uise bi skeitchbuirders, bikers an inline skeitchers.[3]

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