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Skateboarder in the air

A skeitchbuird is typically a specially designed plywood buird combined wi a polyurethane coatin uised for makkin smoother slides an stranger durability, uised primarily for the activity o skateboard. The first skateboards tae reach public notice came oot o the surfin craze o the early 1960s, developit tae help surfers practice when waves wur unfavorable. The first prototypes wur simple widden buirds wi roller-skate wheels attached, an the practice wis sometimes referred tae as "sidewalk surfin." Bi the mid-1980s skeitchbuirds wur mass producit an sauld throughoot the Unitit States.

A skeitchbuird is propellt bi pushin wi ane fuit while the ither remains on the buird, or by pumpin one's legs in structures such as a puil or hauf pipe. A skeitchbuird can an aw be uised bi simply staundin on the deck while on a dounward slope an allouin gravity tae propel the buird an rider. If the rider positions their richt fuit forrit, he/she is said tae ride "goofy"; if the rider positions their left fuit forrit, he/she is said tae ride "regular." If the rider is normally regular but chuises tae ride goofy, he/she is said tae be ridin "switch," an vice versa. A skeitcher is typically mair comfortable pedalin wi their back fuit; chuisin tae pedal wi the front fuit is commonly referred tae as ridin "mongo."

Recently, electric skeitchbuirds hae an aw appeared. These nae langer require the propellin o the skeitchbuird bi means o the feet; rather an electric motor propels the buird, fed bi an electric battery.

There is nae govrenin body that declares any regulations on what constitutes a skeitchbuird or the pairts frae which it is assembled. Historically, the skeitchbuird haes conformit baith tae contemporary trends an tae the iver evolvin array o stunts performit bi riders/users, who require a certain functionality frae the buird. O course, the buird shape depends lairgely upon its desired function. Langbuirds are a type o skeitchbuird wi a langer wheelbase an lairger, softer wheels.

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