Port Logan

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Port Logan
Port Logan is located in Dumfries and Galloway
Port Logan
Port Logan
Location within Dumfries an Gallowa
OS grid referenceNX097405
• Edinburgh110 mi (177 km)
• Lunnon299 mi (481 km)
Cooncil area
Lieutenancy area
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Post tounStranraer
Postcode destrictDG9
EU PairlamentScotland
UK Pairlament
Scots Pairlament
Leet o places
54°43′23″N 4°57′23″W / 54.72315°N 4.95644°W / 54.72315; -4.95644Coordinates: 54°43′23″N 4°57′23″W / 54.72315°N 4.95644°W / 54.72315; -4.95644
View ower the herbour o Port Logan oot intil the Erse Sea: Telford's bell tour is clear veesible
Port Logan
Port Logan Fishpownd

Port Logan, umwhile Port Nessock, is a smaw veelage in the pairish o Kirkmaiden in the Rhins o Gallowa, in the historical coonty o Wigtounshire in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland. The Scots Gaelic name is Port Neasaig.

Port Nessock Bay is noo aw that remeens o the wastren end o a kyle that in post-glacial times separatit the main pairt o whit is noo the Rhins o Gallowa fae three smawer islands til its sooth.[1] Thare wis a ruint pier in the bay in 1790, at that time kelp an pasper (samphire) wis ingaithert on the coast til the sooth.[2]

The veelage wis planned; it wis creatit bi Colonel Andrew MacDowall (Douall), the laird o Logan, in 1818. MacDowall biggit a quay an bell tour designt bi Thomas Telford an a causeyed road leadin tae thaim. This causey mart the viewin seawart o the existin hooses on the Lawer Road (Laigh Row), whase woners MacDowall expectit tae flit til a new Upper Road; in the event, thay walcame't the shelter it providit fae the gell onshore winds, an prefert tae stey pit, thou subsequent maist o thaim addit a seicont storey so rekiverin some o the sea view.

Chairacter an faceelitys[eedit | eedit soorce]

Faceelitys include a veelage haw that uised tae be the local lifeboat station. It is rin bi a local comatee an is completely sel-fondin. In recent years it haes been uised for a range o social events sic as waddins an tae celebrate Hogmanay an St Andra's Day. It is whiles uised for meetins o the Kirkmaiden Community Cooncil.[3] Thare is a wee pairt-time post-office, as weel as a smaw mercat gairden supplyin local businesses an the public.

For a couple o years until 2006 thay includit an aw a newly built cafe wi braw views cried the Butterchurn; houiver, this ane wis syne closed, and covertit intil a preevat hoose.

Tourist attractions[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Logan Fish Pownd, Logan Botanic Gairden, an Logan Hoose Gairden is nearby. Logan Fish Pownd wis built an aw bi Colonel Andrew McDouall, oreeginal as a fish laidner for Logan Hoose in 1788 an completit aboot 1800, wi a Keeper's Cot an Bathin Bothy that staunds yet as pairt o the modren Logan Fishpond Marine Life Centre. As o 2016, the Fishpond, the auldest naitural marine aquarium in the UK, gin no the warld, is a tourist attraction yet, appent again unner new management. The storey o Logan Fishpownd can be fund at the wabsteid o Historic Scotland. [1]

Media associations[eedit | eedit soorce]

The veelage wis uised atween 2001 an 2003 as the settin for a faur ben BBC series, Two Thousand Acres of Sky starnin actress Michelle Collins

2017 saw the filmin o The Vanishing (umwhile Keepers) starnin Gerard Butler, Peter Mullan, an newcomer Connnor Swindells.[4]

USAAF Douglas C-47 skroil[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 27 Julie 1944, twa Douglas C-47 Skytrains (ane wis serial nummer 42-93038) o the Unitit States Airmy Air Forces wis on a flicht fae Filton til a stap at Prestwick afore fleein on til the Unitit States. The flicht wis transportin woundit sodgers. The flicht encoontert bad wather, an the pilot o 42-39030 tried tae win altitude tae get clear o the clifts. The C-47 skroilt intil the clift side at Port Logan, whaur aw 22 passengrs an crew dee'd.[5]

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