Loch Ryan

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Loch Ryan
Loch Rìoghaine
Aerial view of Loch Ryan.jpg
LocationScots Lawlands, Scotland
Coordinates54°59′10″N 5°03′18″W / 54.986°N 5.055°W / 54.986; -5.055
TeepSea loch
Primary inflowsWatter o App, Glen Burn
Primar ootflowsNorth Channel
Catchment aurie197 km2 (76 sq mi)[1]
Basin kintrasScotland
Max. lenth13.4 kilometers (8.3 mi)[1]
Max. deepth16 m (52 ft)[1]
Surface elevation0 m (0 ft)
SettlementsStranraer, Cairnryan, Kirkcolm

Loch Ryan (Gaelic: Loch Rìoghaine, pronoonced [ɫ̪ɔx r̴iː.ɛɲə]) is a Scots sea loch that acts as an important naitural harbour for shippin, providin calm watters for ferries operatin atween Scotland an Northren Ireland.

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