The Truin

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The Sooth Bay at The Truin

The Truin (Inglis: Troon, Scots Gaelic: An Truthail / An t-Sròn[1]) is a toun in Sooth Ayrshire, Scotland. Hit byds on the wast coast, aboot echt mile north o Ayr an thrie mile nor'wast o' Glesga Prestwick Airport The Isle o Arran can be seen frae a' about. Thar is the P&O ferrie service til Larne in Northren Ireland an anither til Campbeltoun on Kintyre. Hit haes a yacht marina anaw. The haven played a mukkil pairt in the growthe o the toun for monie a yeir. Hit wis hame til the Ailsa Shipbiggin Companie, whilk biggit monie ships for warldwide customers but maistlins wee passenger an merchand boats. The fishin fleet frae Ayr flittit til Truin haven an a rebiggin o the forhoud bit o the haven stertit. Houaniver, the shipbiggin industrie at The Truin endit in 2000.

Sin 1812, The Truin wis the terminus o a horse-drawn railwey lenkin hit til the Duke o Portland's coal mines aboots Kilmarnock. Hit wis anerlie leesenst for wirkers, but this wis joukit bi weein thae wissin tae traivel an chairgin thaim fraucht rates. The-day, the toun is sert bi a railwey station lenkin hit wi Ayr, the aforesayd airport, Kilmarnock, an Glesga.

The Truin is weil-kent for hits Ryal Truin gowf coorse, whilk is waled ti host the Apen Gowf Championship aboot ilka seivin yeir.

Our Lady of the Assumption and St Meddan Catholic Church was biggit in 1911 by Reginald Fairlie. It is noo a Category A Listed buildin'.

At the tyd o the 2001 Census the toun haed aboot 14,766 indwallers.

Name[eedit | eedit soorce]

The name Truin is lyklie frae a Brythonish or Pechtish name cognate wi Welsh trwyn ("neb, cape"). Whan Scots Gaelic becam the main leid, hit is possibil that the Gaelic furm An t-Sròn ("the neb") wis broukit for the name Truin. Sin the wirds sròn an trwyn ar cognate, it cud hae been eithlie adapted frae ane leid ti the ither.[1] Houaniver, hit is no siccar gin An t-Sròn wis the Gaelic name, as hits broukin canna be traced back onie faurer than Johnston’s[wha?] Place-names of Scotland (1932). Hit is mair lyklie that a gaelicized respellin, sic as An Trùn, wis broukit.[1]

The name An Truthail wis broukit bi Gaelic speakers on naurby Arran Island up til the 20t centurie.[1]

Soorces[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Coordinates: 55°32′N 4°40′W / 55.54°N 4.66°W / 55.54; -4.66