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Kintyre hielicht'd reid
The Licht-houss at the Mull o Kintyre

Kintyre (Scots Gaelic: Cinn Tìre, meaning heid o the laund) is a hauf-iland in wastren Scotland, in the soothwast o Argyll an Bute. The hauf-iland stents aboot 30 mile (48 km) frae Aest Loch Tarbert in the north til the Mull o Kintyre in the sooth. The region til the north north o Kintyre is kent as Knapdale.

Kintyre is lang an nairrae, at no pynt mair nor 11 mile (18 km) frae wast coast til aest coast. Af til the aest o Kintyre is the Firth o Clyde an Isle o Arran. Kintyre is sindert frae Arran bi the Kilbrannan Soond. Af til the wast ligs the ilands o Gigha, Islay an Raucherie. The coast o Ireland (Coonty Antrim) is anerlie aboot 12 mile (20 km) frae the Mull o Kintyre an can be seen on cleir days. This is the cuttiest range atwein Ireland an Gret Breetain.

The middil 'backbane' o Kintyre is maistlins hill-run muirlaund. The coastal auries, houaniver, ar rich an growthie. Kintyre haes lang been a prized aurie for sattilers, includin Scots wha flittit frae Ulster til wastren Scotland an the Vikings or Norsemen wha owerhailt an sattil'd the hauf-iland juist afore the stairt o the seicont millennium. Frae the 6t centurie til the 9t centurie the hauf-iland wis pairt o the Gaelic owerkingrik o Dál Riata an eftir that it becam pairt o the Norse Kingrik o Mann an the Isles.

The main town on Kintyre is Campbeltoun (aboot 5½ mile bi road frae the Mull), whilk haes been a ryal burgh sin the mid-18t centurie. Kintyre's economie haes lang lippent on fishin an fermin, awtho Campbeltoun haes a reputation as a makker o sum o the warld's fynest singil maut whiskie.

Steids in Kintyre[eedit | eedit soorce]

Touns an veilages[eedit | eedit soorce]

Skipness Castle

The follaein touns an veilages lig on Kintyre: Bellochantuy, Campbeltoun, Carradale, Clachan, Claonaig, Drumlemble, Glenbarr, Grogport, Kilchenzie, Machrihanish, Muasdale, Peninver, Saddell, Skipness, Southend, Stewarton, Tayinloan, Tarbert, an Whitehouss.

Historic an prehistoric steids[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kintyre haes a nummer o auld, historicalie wechtie kirks an abbeys. Thir include Clachan Kirk, Kilchenzie Kirk, Kilchousland Kirk, Saunt Columba's Chaipil, St John's Kirk in Killean (whilk haes been deskrived as the "maist important medieval parish kirk in Kintyre"[1]) an Saddell Abbey. Thar ar thrie castils on Kintyre anaw: Saddell Castil, Skipness Castil an Tarbert Castil.

Prehistoric steids o interest include staunin stanes (at Avinagillan, Ballochroy, an Beacharr), an intact chaumer cairn at Corriechrevie, an Airn Eild forts at Dun Skeig an Kildonan. A craig atwein Dunaverty Bay an Carskey haes twa fitdunts cairved at a steid whaur Saunt Columba is sayd ti hae first set fit in Scotland. The fitdunts micht hae been linkit til keengship rituals.

Kintyre in popular cultur[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thar haes been a nummer o sangs wrat anent Kintyre. The maist weil-kent is Paul McCartney's' 1977 track "Mull o Kintyre" perform'd bi Wings. The sang wis wrat in tribute til the hauf-iland, whaur McCartney haes awnt High Park Farm sin 1966. The sang wis Wings' mukkilest hit in the Unitit Kinrick, whaur it becam Kristenmas nummer ane, an wis the first singil ti sell ower twa million copies in the UK.

The "Mull o Kintyre test" or "Mull o Kintyre rule" wis an unofeicial gyd sayd ti hae been uis'd bi the British Board o Film Classification in ti wale gin a pictur o a man's tadger cud be shawn on TV or in films. It is sayd that the BBFC wadna allou the tadger ti be shawn gin it war erect sae that the angil it made frae the vertical wis mair nor thon o Kintyre on cairts o Scotland.[2]

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