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Kasteelruïne aan een rivier in Kirkcudbright, Bestanddeelnr 190-1107.jpg
Kirkcoubrie is locatit in Dumfries an Gallowa
Location within Dumfries an Gallowa
Population3,352 (2011)
OS grid referenceNX685505
Cooncil aurie
Lieutenancy aurie
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Postcode destrictDG6
Diallin code01557
EU PairlamentScotland
UK Pairlament
Scots Pairlament
List of places
54°49′55″N 4°02′53″W / 54.832°N 4.048°W / 54.832; -4.048Coordinates: 54°49′55″N 4°02′53″W / 54.832°N 4.048°W / 54.832; -4.048

Kirkcoubrie (Scots Gaelic: Cille Chuithbeirt) is a toun an pairish in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland.

An earlie rendition o' th' name o' th' toun wis Kilcudbrit; this comes fae th' gaelic Cille Chuithbeirt meaning "chapel o' Cuthbert", th' saint wha's mortal remains wur kept in th' toun atween thair exhumation at Lindisfarne 'n' reinterment at Chester-le-Street.

In 1453 Kirkcoubrie became a ryle burgh. Aboot a hunner years efter, th' magistrates o' th' toun obtained permission fae Queen Mary tae uise pairt o' th' convent 'n' nunnery as a parish kirk. Fae aroond 1570, Sir Thomas Maclellan o' Bombie, th' chief magistrate, received a charter fur th' site, its grounds an' gairdens. Maclellan dismantled th' kirk in order tae obtain material fur his new, a gey braw hoose, whilk wis bult` oan th' site noo kennt as Maclellans Castle.

Kirkcoubrie Tolbooth wis bult` atween 1625 an' 1629 an' served nae ainlie as th' tolbooth, bit an' a' th' council offices, th' burgh 'n' sheriff courts, th' criminal jyle 'n' th' debtors' jyle. Yin o' th' maist famous inmates wis John Paul Jones, founder o' th' Unitit States Navy, wha wis born in Kirkbean. Later airtists includit the Polish Jew Jankel Adler.

The Greengate, hame and studio o' Jessie M King, High Street

Kirkcoubrie Artists’ Colony wis an artists’ community that existed aboot atween 1880 'n' 1980 in Kirkcoubrie. Th' toun attracted mony o' th' country’s leadin` artists sic as E A Hornel, William Mouncey, William Stewart Macgeorge, Charles Oppenheimer, Jessie M King, E A Taylor an' S J Peploe. Thae artists 'n' craftspeople produced an extensive body o' wirk.

Broughton Hoose, Kirkcoubrie

Broughton Hoose is an 18th-century toun hoose standing oan th' High Street. It wis th' hame o' Scots impressionist artist Edward Atkinson Hornel atween 1901 an' his death in 1933. Th' National Trust for Scotland maintain th' hoose an' its contents as a museum o' Hornel's life an' wirk.

The first stage frae Glesca o the 2019 Tour o Britain endit in Kirkcoubrie oan 7th September. The stage winner wis Dutchman Dylan Groenewegen

Fushing skiffs at Kirkcoubrie herbour

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