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St Cuthbert Wanderers F.C.

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St Cuthbert Wanderers
Full nameSaint Cuthbert Wanderers Football Club
Nickname(s)The Saints
GroundSt Mary's Park, Kirkcoubrie
Ground Capacity2,000
LeagueSouth of Scotland League
2022–23South of Scotland League, 7t o 12

Saint Cuthbert Wanderers Football Club are a fitbaw club frae the toun o Kirkcoubrie in the Dumfries an Gallowa aurie o Scotland. Thay play in the South of Scotland Football League.

St Cuthbert Wanderers ur yin o' th' oldest clubs in th' Sooth o' Scotland Division. The club wis put the gether in 1879 by members o the congregation o St Cuthbert's Catholic Church in the High Street, noo kennt as St Andrew and St Cuthbert. Prior tae attending Mass yin Sunday mornin in 1879, aroond seeven or echt male members o the congregation talked aboot forming a fitba club. Some o the men in thae discussions wur Thomas Branney, James Crossan, Michael Crossan, William Flannigan, George Murphy an Wilson Murray. The foremaist meetin teuk steid in St Cuthbert's schuil shelter, whin ilk gentleman vowed tae save three poonds an return in a month's time tae git a club gaun. The total amount tae git the club up an running cam tae £50, whilk included loads donations fae weel wishers Efter a few fund-raising dances in the church's St Andrew's Hall, the final meetin tae gather a gang wis cried. Affice bearers wur picked, wi chairman Robert Mcmonies, secretary George Murphy an' treasurer William Flannigan. Efter a few trial games 'twas decided that the club wid be cried 'St Cuthbert's Wanderers'. The club wis efter admitted tae the Southern Counties Division, follaein loads freendly games wi local amateur clubs  

As a full member o the Scots Fitba Association, the club compete in the Scots Cup.[1]

St Cuthbert's whaur the club wis foondit.

Stadium[eedit | eedit soorce]

Th' Saints (as th' club is nicknamed), speil thair hame matches at St Mary's Pairk, whilk haes an official capacity o' 848.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

Coordinates: 54°49′59″N 4°03′37″W / 54.83313°N 4.060392°W / 54.83313; -4.060392

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