The Guardian

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The Guardian
The Guardian 6. 6. 14.jpg
The Guardian front page on 6 Juin 2014
Type Daily newspaper
Format Berliner
Ainer(s) Guardian Media Group
Foonder(s) John Edward Taylor
Publisher Guardian News and Media
Editor Katharine Viner
Opinion editor Mark Henry
Foondit 5 Mey 1821; 196 years ago (1821-05-05) (as The Manchester Guardian)
Poleetical alignment Centre-left
Leid English
Heidquarters Kings Place, Lunnon
Circulation 161,091
Sister newspapers The Observer
The Guardian Weekly
ISSN 0261-3077
OCLC nummer 60623878
Offeecial wabsteid

The Guardian is a Breetish daily newspaper, kent from 1821 till 1959 as the Manchester Guardian. Alang wi its seester papers The Observer an The Guardian Weekly, The Guardian is pairt o the Guardian Media Group, ained bi The Scott Trust Limited. The Trust wis creatit in 1936 "tae secure the financial an eeditorial unthirldom o The Guardian in perpetuity an tae safeguard the jurnalistic freedom an leeberal values o The Guardian free frae commercial or poleetical interference." The Scott Trust acame a leemitit company in 2008, wi a constitution tae maintain the same pertections for The Guardian. Profits are reinvestit in jurnalism rather nor tae the benefit o an ainer or sharehaulders.[1]

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