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Coontie tounStirlin
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Stirlinshire (the Coontie o Stirlin, Scots Gaelic: Siorrachd Sruighlea) is a historic coontie an registration coontie[1] o Scotland.  Its coontie toun is Stirlin.

It borders Perthshire tae the north, Clackmannanshire an Wast Lowden tae the east, Lanarkshire [en] tae the sooth, an Dunbartonshire [en] tae the sooth-east an sooth-west (this latter boondarie is split in twa owin tae Dunbartonshire's Cummernaud exclave)

Coat o airms[eedit | eedit soorce]

The airms o Stirlin Coontie Cooncil

The Coontie Cooncil o Stirlin wis granted a coat o airms bi Laird Lydon, King o Airms, on 29 September 1890. The design o the airms commemoratit the Scots victory at the Battle o Bannockburn in the coontie.

On the siller saltire on blue o Saunt Andra wis placit the rampant reid lion fae the ryal airms o Scotland.

Aroon thir war placit twa caltraps an twa spur-rowels recallin the uiss o the wappons again the Inglis cavalrie.[2]

On the elidin o the Local Govrenment Cooncil in 1975, the airms war regrantit tae the Local Govrenment Stirlin Destrict Cooncil.

They war regrantit a seicont time in 1996 tae the Local Govrenment Stirlin Cooncil, wi the eikin o supporters (a gos an a woulf).

Historie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bruce addressin his troops afore the Battle o Bannockburn

In 1130, Stirlin – ane o the ryal stranghaulds o the Kinrick o Scotland – wis shapit intae a Ryal burgh bi King David I.

On 11 September 1297, the forces o Andra Moray an Weelam Wallace beat the jynt Inglis forces o John de Warenne [en], an Hugh de Cressingham [en] nearaboots Stirlin, on the River Forth, at the Battle o Stirlin Brig durin the First War o Scots Unthirldom.

On 22 Julie 1298 the Battle o Fawkirk saw the defeat o William Wallace bi King Edward I o Ingland (Langshanks).

On 24 Juin 1314 the Battle o Bannockburn at Bannockburn [en], wis a gey important Scots victorie in the Wars o Scots Unthirldom. It wis ane o the upcomin battles o the First War o Scots Unthirldom.

On 11 Juin 1314 the Battle o Sauchieburn wis faucht bysides Sauchie Burn [en], a burn aboot twa mile sooth o Stirlin.[3]

In 1645 the Covenanter [en] airmie unner General William Baillie (soldier) [en] formit near Banton for their engagement wi the Ryalist forces unner the comman o James Graham, 1st Marquess o Montrose [en] at the Battle o Kilseyth [en], Kilseyth, on 15 August 1645; a major battle o the Wars o the Three Kinricks.

The Battle o Fawkirk Muir [en] on 17 January 1746 saw the Jacobites unner Charles Edward Stuart [en] defeatit a govrenment airmy heided bi Lieutenant-General Henry Hawley [en].

Geographie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Stirlinshire haes a strategic position on the Forth-Clyde isthmus commandin the main owerlan routes fae Glesga an Edinburrie up till central an northren Scotland.

Ben Lomond looking north athort Loch Lomond at the watterline

The wastern 'airm' o the kintra is sparsely populated an dominated bi Loch Lomond, that it shares wi Dunbartonshire [en], an the Trossachs, a national park [en] (the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park [en]) the nou. Ben Lomond is located here an is the heichmaist pynt in Stirlinshire at 974 m (3,196 ft), an 9t in Scotland. A puckle o ilands athin Loch Lomond belang tae Stirlinshire, includin Eilean nan Deargannan [en], Buchinch, Ceardach [en], Inchcruin [en], Inchfad [en], Ellanderroch [en], Inchcailloch [en] an Clairinsh [en]. On the nor'-eastern boonds wi Perthshire a wee pairt o Loch Katrine [en] lies athin Stirlinshire, an the smawer Loch Arklet can be foond here an-aw.

The Carron Glen Reservoir in the middil o Stirlinshire

Central Stirlinshire is dominated bi the Carron Valley Reservoir [en] an the Campsie Fells [en], Kilseyth Hills an Gargunnock Hills [en], wi mair muckle touns sic as Lennoxtown an Kilseyth spread out alang the soothren border an A891/A803 roads. The sooth-wastren corner o the kintra aroon Mulguy abuts the Greater Glesga conurbation an conteens a wheen o smaw reservoirs an lochs, sic as Burncrooks Reservoir, Kilmannan Reservoir, Carbeth Loch, Craigallian Loch, Dumbrock Loch, Mugdock Loch, Mugdock/Craigmaddie Reservoir an Bardowie Loch.

The airt east o the M80 is maistlie flatter an conteens the feck o the coontie's population, wi the Firth o Forth giein access tae the North Sea.

Transport[eedit | eedit soorce]

The feck o Stirlinshire's motorwey network lees in the eastern third o the coontie whair the population is maist concentrated; thir include the M80 runnin north–sooth an jynin Stirlin an Denny tae Cumbernauld, an the M9 linkin the eastern touns tae Edinburrie. A wheen o A roads form a circle aroon central Strirlinshire, wi the rest o the coontie served bi B roads.

Sindrie ferries allou a bodie tae cross Loch Lomond in the far-wast, an the Kincardine Brig [en] in the far-east gies access tae Fife an Clackmannanshire.

Ainlie the eastern third o the coontie is jynt bi rail, wi the exception o Mulguy railwey station in the far sooth-wast that gies access tae Glesga. The rail lines jyn the touns o the eastern conurbation tae each other an ontae Edinburrie, Glesga, Cumbernauld an Perth.

Ceevil pairishes[eedit | eedit soorce]

Stirlinshire Ceevil Pairish map.[4] Boundaries in reid.

In 2001, accordin tae the webstaid o the General Register Office for Scotland, there war 871 ceevil pairishes.[5]

Ceevil pairishes are still yaised for some statistical raisons, an separate census figures are gien fur them. As their areas hae been lairgely unchanged syne the 19th centurie this allous for comparison o population figures ower an extended period o time.

Follaein the boondarie changes caused bi the Local Govrenment (Scotland) Act 1889, Stirlinshire conteened the follaein ceevil pairishes:

Burghs[eedit | eedit soorce]

Map o Stirlingshire in 1975, showing the position o burghs in the coontie.

In 1930 the Fawkirk an Stirlin becam large burghs, takkin ower some o the duties o the coontie council. The remainin fower burghs becam "smaw burghs", with limited pouers.

Touns an veelages[eedit | eedit soorce]

A wheen o Stirlinshire touns leeted in the Registers o Scotland, Lan Register Counties.[1]

Local govrenment[eedit | eedit soorce]

Till the 1890s the coontie had twa smaw exclaves: pairt o the pairish o Logie, that wis surroondit bi Perthshire, an the pairish o Alva, locally in Clackmannanshire. The Perthshire pairt o Logie wis eikit tae Stirlinshire, while Alva wis annexed bi Clackmannanshire. In 1894 pairish Local Govrenment cooncils war established fur the ceevil pairishes, replacin the umwhile parochial boards.

The Local Govrenment pairish cooncils war in turn superseded bi Local Govrenment destrict cooncils in 1930.

In 1930 the pairishes ceased to be used for local Govrenment purposes, an the landward area o the coontie (the pairt ootwi the burghs) wis divided intae aicht Local Govrenment destricts (List of local government areas in Scotland 1930–75 [en]). These Local Govrenment Destricts war abolished in 1975.[7]

  • Coontie o Stirlin Central No.1
  • Coontie o Stirlin Central No.2 (Denny, Dunipace an Kilseyth areas)
  • Coontie o Stirlin Eastern No.1 (pairishes o Airth an Larbert)
  • Coontie o Stirlin Eastern No.2 (Fawkirk an Slamannan)
  • Coontie o Stirlin Eastern No.3 (pairishes o Powmont an Muiravonside)
  • Coontie o Stirlin Westren No.1
  • Coontie o Stirlin Wastren No.2
  • Coontie o Stirlin Wastren No.3 (Baldernock, Campsie, Strathblane)

In the 1973 reorganisation o local Govrenment in Scotland (Local government areas of Scotland (1973–1996) [en]), maist o Stirlinshire wis included in the Central Region, wi Kilseyth an its surroonds becomin pairt o the Strathclyde Region.

Syne forder reorganisation in 1996, the aurie has been pairt o the Local Govrenment cooncil auries o :

Parliamentary constituencies[eedit | eedit soorce]

Follaein the Act o Union, Stirlinshire returned members to the Hoose o Commons o the Pairlament o the Unitit Kinrick fae 1708.

1707–1918[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • The Ryal Burgh o Stirlin formit pairt o the Stirlin Burghs pairlamentarie constituencie alang burghs in Fife an Perthshire.
  • The Burgh o Fawkirk formit pairt o Fawkirk Burghs, alang burghs in Lanarkshire an Linlithgowshire.
  • The remainder o the coontie returned a single member as the pairlamentarie coontie o Stirlinshire. The detached pairish o Alva wis annexed to the constituencie o Clackmannanshire an Kinross bi the Representation o the People (Scotland) Act 1832.

1918–1975[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1918 seats in the House o Commons war redistributed. Stirlingshire was thereafter represented bi three members o parliament.

  • The burghs o Stirling, Fawkirk an Grangemouth formed the Stirlin an Fawkirk burghs constituency. in 1974 the constituency wis renamed Stirling, Fawkirk an Grangemouth.
  • The eastern part o the coontie (defined in 1948 an 1970 as the Eastern No. 1, Eastern No. 2 an Eastern No. 3 destricts) was combined with Clackmannanshire tae form Clackmannan an East Stirlinshire.
  • The remainder o the coontie was included in the constituency o Wast Stirlingshire (named Stirling an Clackmannan West until 1945). The area included in the constituency was defined in 1948 an 1970 as the burghs o Brig o Allan, Denny an Dunipace an Kilseyth; an the Central No. 1, Central No. 2, Wastren No. 1, Wastren No. 2 an Wastren No. 3 destricts.[8]

These boundaries conteenaed in uiss till 1983, whan new constituencies war formed based on the Local Govrenment regions an destricts created in 1975.

Gallery[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Fremmit airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]

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