Scotland in the Wars o the Three Kinricks

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Scotland in the Wars o the Three Kinricks
Pairt o the Wars o the Three Kinricks
The Airch-Prelate o St Andras in Scotland readin frae the service-beuk while the congregation is shawn thrawin o stuils stick an staanes at him.
The stairt. Riot spairked bi Jenny Geddes ower the imposeetion o Charles I's Beuk o Common Prayer in Presbyterian Scotland. Ceevil disobedience suin turned intae airmed defiance.
Result Covenanters defeat Ryalists but are themsels defeatit bi an Inglis Pairlamentarian conquest o Scotland in 1650–51.
Scots Royalists
Erse Catholic Confederate truips
Scots Covenanters Inglis Roondheids
Commanders an leaders
Marquis o Montrose
Alasdair Mac Colla
Maghnus Ó Catháin
Charles II
Fluctuatin, 2 000–4 000 truips at ony ane time ower 30,000 truips, but mony based in Ingland an Ireland
Casualties an losses
Tot o 28,000 battlefield daiths on baith sides, mair sodgers die frae disease, c. 45,000 ceevilian daiths, baith from disease an deliberate targetin

Atween 1639 an 1653 Scotland wis involved in the Wars o the Three Kinricks, a series o wars stairtin wi the Bishops Wars (atween Scotland an Ingland), the Erse Rebellion o 1641, the Inglis Ceevil War (an closely relatit war in Scotland), the Erse Confederate Wars, an feenally the subjugation o Ireland an Scotland bi the Inglis Roondheid New Model Airmy.