Greater Glesga

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Greater Glesga
Greater Glasgow.PNG
Satellite eemage shawin the Greater Glesga Aurie
Area142.27 sq mi (368.5 km2[1]
Population1,209,143 [2]
LeidInglis, Scots, Gaelic[3]
OS grid referenceNS590655
• Edinburgh42 mi (68 km)
• Lunnon403 mi (649 km)
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Post tounGLASGOW
Postcode destrictG1–G84
Post tounPAISLEY
Postcode destrictPA1–PA19
Postcode destrictML1–ML8
Diallin code0141, 01236, 01355, 01360, 01389, 01505, 01698, 01475
EU PairlamentScotland
Leet o places

Greater Glesga is a urban dounset in Scotland consistin o aw localities which are pheesically attached tae the ceety o Glesga, formin wi it a single contiguous urban aurie (or conurbation). It daes no relate tae municipal govrenment bundaries an its territorial extent is defined bi the General Register Office for Scotland, which determines settlements in Scotland for census an statistical purposes. Greater Glesga haed a population o 1,199,629 at the 2001 census[4] makkin it the lairgest urban aurie in Scotland an the fift lairgest in the Unitit Kinrick.[5]

In addition tae bein the name o this true conurbation, the term Greater Glesga is informally (an confusingly) uised tae refer tae the general aurie surroondin the Ceety o Glesga. Despite this, Greater Glesga shoud no housomeivver be confused wi the wider Glesga Ceety Region, which consists o Glesga Ceety Cooncil an 7 surroondin local authorities in thair entireties, sicweys includin no anerlie the Greater Glesga urban dounset but ither settlements fully detached frae it an aw. This ceety-region is describit as a metropolitan aurie bi its awn strategic plannin authority, an is seemilar tae the Glesga metropolitan aurie identifeed bi the European Union.

The Ceety o Glesga in the late 19t an early 20t centuries grew tae haein a population o ower ane million fowk an wis the third ceety in Europe tae reach ane million, efter Lunnon an Paris.[6] The offeecial population stayed well ower ane million for mair nor 50 years.[7] Housomeivver, in the 1960s lairge-scale relocation tae new touns in the suburban aurie o the ceety an mony bundary chynges syne then hae reduced the population o the core Ceety o Glesga cooncil aurie tae 580,690 (August 2007).[8]

Greater Glesga urban aurie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Urban Aurie, kent as the Glesga dounset an aw, includes the follaein localities:

Dounset Population

(1991 Census)


(2001 Census)[9]

Airdrie 36,842 36,326
Bargeddie 2,325 2,144
Baurheid 16,753 17,244
Bearsden 27,707 27,967
Bellshill 21,624 20,705
Beeshops' Rigs 23,825 23,118
Boddle 6,542 6,379
Busby 1,617 1,654
Calderbank 1,709 1,663
Cammuslang 23,212 24,500
Carfin 1,226 1,048
Chapelhall 4,405 5,214
Clairkstoun 18,899 19,136
Clydebank 29,171 29,858
Coatbrig 43,467 41,170
Duntocher an Hardgate 7,882 7,301
Elderslie 5,166 5,180
Erskine 15,166 15,347
Faifley 6,087 4,932
Giffnock 16,190 16,178
Glesga 658,379 629,501
Holytoun 5,648 5,483
The Howewid 1,036 1,502
Johnstoun 18,280 16,468
Kilbarchan 3,710 3,622
Linwuid 10,183 9,058
Miltoun 1,079 986
Mitherwall 30,769 30,311
Mulguye 11,992 12,795
New Stevenstoun 3,287 4,108
Newarthill 6,585 6,849
Newmains 5,878 5,329
Newtoun Mearns 19,342 22,637
Auld Kilpatrick 2,408 3,199
Paisley 73,925 74,170
Renfrew 20,764 20,251
Ruglen 25,000 25,000
Stepps 4,942 4,802
Uddinstoun 5,367 5,576
Viewpark 15,044 15,841
Wishae 29,574 28,565

Transport[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1973, the Greater Glesga Passenger Transport Executive wis creatit tae tak oer control o Glesga Corporation Transport (whilk includit the Glesga Subway). Follaein local govrenment reorganisation in 1975, control subsequently passed tae Strathclyde Regional Cooncil. The umwhile PTE is nou the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, athin Transport Scotland.

The Glesga conurbation is served bi the lairgest urban rail netwirk in the UK ootside o Lunnon,[10] wi 186 rail stations in the Greater Glesga aurie. The ceety is served bi the anerlie metro seestem in Scotland, the Glesga Subway; an bi twa internaitional airports, Glesga Prestwick Airport[11] an Glesga Airport.[12]

Postal codes[eedit | eedit soorce]

Follaein the local govrenment bundary chynges in 1996 an the creation o unitary cooncils in Scotland, replacin the umwhile regional an destrict cooncils, the Greater Glesga Settlement Aurie or Urban Aurie wis creatit for the 2001 Census frae groups o neighbourin urban postcodes grouped sae that each group o postcode unit conteens at least a gien nummer o addresses per unit aurie, an the group conteens at least 500 residents.

Glesga Ceety Region[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Glesga Ceety Region,[13] is a collection o local authorities clustert aroond Glesga.[14] The aicht constituent authorities ur:

The estimatit population o is aurie i 2007 wis 1,750,500.[8] The ceety region is no a conurbation as significant pairts o the cooncil auries (an the whole o Inverclyde) are separatit frae Greater Glesga bi open kintraside. It uises numerous ither terms fir itsel, includin Metropolitan Glesga,[13] the metropolitan Ceety-Region o Glesga"[15] an Glesga an the Clyde Valley. The ceety region haes nae single municipal govrenment, the aicht authorities insteid form a une strategic plannin authoritie.[15]

Metropolitan Glesga[eedit | eedit soorce]

While the Scots Govrenment maks na offeecial recognition o 'Metropolitan status' in its wirkins,[16] the term is uised bi ither bodies. The Yorpan Unes (European Union's) statistic bodie Eurostat leets Glesga as the 32nt maist populous metropolitan aurie, or Lairger Urban Zones, in the EU.[17] Althoch na definin the bundaries o this metropolitan aurie, Eurostat stat it consists "o oer 1.7 million inhabitants coverin an aurie o 3,346 km2".,[18] whilk is seemilar tae the 1.75 million population o the Glesga Ceety Region an mey suggest a correlation atween the twa. Glesga Ceety Region's strategic development authority describes itsel as the plannin authoritie for the "Glesga metropolitan aurie"[19] an the "metropolitan ceety-region o Glesga".[15]

The umwhile local govrenment region o Strathclyde haes been identifeed as a metropolitan aurie surroondin the Greater Glesga conurbation an aw, an covers approximately 2.3 million fowk, 41% o Scotland's population.[20]

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