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David I, King o Scots

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(Reguidit frae David I o Scotland)
David I
"King o the Scots"
RingAprile or Mey 1124 – 24 Mey 1153
CoronationScuin, Aprile or Mey 1124
PredecessorAlexander I
SuccessorMalcolm IV
Born1083 x 1085
Dee'd(1153-05-24)24 Mey 1153
BuirialDunfaurlin Abbey
ConsortMatilda, Coontess o Huntingdon
Full name
Dabíd mac Maíl Choluim
FaitherMalcolm III
MitherMargaret o Wessex

David I o Scotland (1084 - 24 Mey 1153) wis king o Scots atween the years 1124-1153.[1]

He wis the youngest laddie o king Malcolm III o Scots an sainct Margaret. Altho he spent maist o his bairnhead in Scotland, he wis sent tae Ingland in exile in 1093 throu a pouer strauchle atween his aulder brithers for the throne o Scotland. He growed up at the coort o Henry I o Ingland whaur he wis raised as an Anglo-Norman prince. Efter the daith o his brither Alexander I o Scotland, David ascendit tae the throne o Scotland. [2]

He is best kent as the king that introduced the govrenmental seestem o feudalism tae Scotland, for foundin the Burghs an for bringin Scotland mair in line wi tradeetional Inglis an European cultur. He brocht mony spaekers o early northren Middle Inglis tae Scotland an aw an this is eften seen as whit helped in the creation o the Scots leid.[3]


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