Stirlin (cooncil aurie)

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Stirling in Scotland.svg
- Tot
- % Wattir
Rankit 9t
2,187 km²
? %
Heidsteid Stirlin
ISO 3166-2 GB-STG
ONS code 00RG
- Tot (2005)
- Densitie
Rankit 26t
39 / km²

Stirlin (Inglis: Stirling, Scots Gaelic: Sruighlea) is ane o the 32 cooncil auries o Scotland. It ligs in the middil o Scotland an kivers maist o the umwhyl coontie o Stirlinshire (athoot Fawkirk) an the sooth-wastren bit o the umwhyl coontie o Perthshire. The cooncil aurie's heidsteid is the toun o Stirlin.

The cooncil aurie haes mairches wi Clackmannanshire (til the eist), Fawkirk (til the sooth-eist), Perth an Kinross (til the north an nor'eist), Argyll an Bute (til the north an nor'wast), an baith East an Wast Dunbartonshire til the soothwast.

Maist o the population byds in the aurie's sootheist nuik, in the toun o Stirlin an in the surroondin Lawland touns. The ither 30% o the population is skailt athort the laundwart, maistlins Hieland kintra til the north.

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