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Scots Hielands

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The Hieland-Lawland sheddin

The Hielands (Scots Gaelic: Gaidhealtachd) is the muntainous northren an wastren airts o Scotland whaur the Scots Gaelic leid haes tradeetionally been spak.[1] The wird is derived fae the wirds "heich" an "land". Thir airts o Scotland is gey different fae the Lawlands in that the Scots Gaelic leid is tradeetionally spak thare in steid o Scots, an acause the influence o the auncient Celts o Scotland is aye felt thare. The Protestant Reformation wisna sae successfu in the Hielands as the Lawlands an acause o this the Catholic releegion is mair prominent nor the Kirk in some airts. Innerness is aft cried the caipital o the Hielands.[2]

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Coordinates: 57°07′N 4°43′W / 57.12°N 4.71°W / 57.12; -4.71