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North Sea

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The North Sea

The North Sea, umwhile kent as the German Ocean is a pairt o the Atlantic Ocean. The North Sea lies atween Norrowey an Denmark tae the east, Scotland an Ingland tae the wast, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium an Fraunce tae the sooth.


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The Skagerrak jynes the North Sea tae the Baltic Sea. In the sooth, the North Sea chynges intil the Inglis Chainel, a sea atween Ingland an Fraunce. This is cried the Straight o Dover an is gey busy wi ships an the Skagerrak is at an imaginarie line atween Lindesnes in Norrowey, an Hanstholm in Denmark. Tae the north, the North Sea is open towards the Atlantic. The mairch atween the twa is an imaginarie line frae Northren Scotland, tae Shetland, an then on tae Ålesund in Norrowey. Accordin tae the Oslo-Paris Treaty o 1962 it is a bittie mair tae the wast an the north. The treaty puts it at 5° wast an 62° north. That is at the heicht o the Geirangerfjord in Norrowey.

Various statistical data

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On average, the North Sea haes a depth o nae mair nor 94 metres. Aboot 80 million fowk bide near the North Sea, at maist 150 km awa fae the coast. Thegither wi the Inglis Channel tae the sooth, the soothren North Sea is the maist busy body ae watter in the yird.

Rivers that drains intil the North Sea

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Weel-kent rivers that drains intil the North Sea include the Tay (at Dundee), the Forth (at Embra), the Tyne (at Newcastle), the Elbe (at Cuxhaven), the Weser (at Bremerhaven), the Ems at Emden, the Rhine an Meuse (at Rotterdam), the Scheldt (at Flushing), the Thames, an the Humber (at Hull).

The Kiel Canal, ane o the yird's busiest artificial watterways, connects the North Sea wi the Baltic Sea.


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In the last ice age the North Sea wis coverit bi muckle auries o ice cried glaciers. Aroond 20,000 year ago the ice meltit an the North Sea wis made.

North Sea ile

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In the 1960s geologists foond muckle auries o natural gas an ile unner the North Sea. Maist o the ile fields are owned bi the Unitit Kinrick an Norrowey bit some are owned bi Denmark, the Netherlands an Germany. Drillin began in the 1980s an led tae a famous argument atween Ingland an Scotland aboot hou the sillar frae the ile should be spent.

Ainimal life

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Fowk hae been fishin in the North Sea lang syne. Houaniver, sae mony fish are caught that the new fish micht nae be able tae grow fast enough tae keep the fishery going.

Pirrs, pictarnies, tammie norries, razorbills, tarrocks an ither seabirds bide on the North Sea coast. Mony coastal auries is protectit nature reserves.