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Map o the Rhine basin
Native nameRhenus, Rein, Rhein, le Rhin,[1] Rijn
Main sourceRein Anteriur/Vorderrhein
Tomasee (Romansh: Lai da Tuma), Surselva, Graubünden, Swisserland
2,345 m (7,694 ft)
46°37′57″N 8°40′20″E / 46.63250°N 8.67222°E / 46.63250; 8.67222
2nt sourceRein Posteriur/Hinterrhein
Paradies Glacier, Graubünden, Swisserland
River moothNorth Sea
0 m (0 ft)
51°58′54″N 4°4′50″E / 51.98167°N 4.08056°E / 51.98167; 4.08056Coordinates: 51°58′54″N 4°4′50″E / 51.98167°N 4.08056°E / 51.98167; 4.08056
Basin size185,000 km2 (71,000 sq mi)
Pheesical chairacteristics
Lenth1,230 km (760 mi), [note 1]
  • Minimum rate:
    800 m3/s (28,000 cu ft/s)
  • Average rate:
    2,900 m3/s (100,000 cu ft/s)
  • Maximum rate:
    13,000 m3/s (460,000 cu ft/s)

The Rhine is an important an unco lang river in Europe. The river itsel is aboot 1,232 km (766 mi) lang, wi a common watter dischairge o mair nor 2,000 m³/s (71,000 cu ft/s). It flowes frae Swisserland til the ceety o Rotterdam in the Netherlands, tuimin in the German Ocean.

It is been ane o the heidmaist rivers for the Germanic fowk, e'en makin the mairch atween the Roman Empire an Germania. Mony castles lie alang its banks.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The Rhine anerly haes an offeecial lenth scale (Rheinkilometer) dounstream o Constance. Its full lenth is subject tae the defineetion o the Alpine Rhine. In 2010, thare war media reports tae the effect that the lenth o the Rhine haed lang been unner-reportit in 20t-century encyclopaedias, an upon request bi jurnalists, Dutch Rijkswaterstaat citit a lenth o 1,232 km."Der Rhein ist kürzer als gedacht – Jahrhundert-Irrtum". sueddeutsche.de. Retrieved 27 Mairch 2010.."Rhine River 90km shorter than everyone thinks". The Local – Germany's news in English. 27 Mairch 2010. Archived frae the original on 30 Mey 2012. Retrieved 9 Apryle 2010. "'We checked it out and came to 1,232 kilometres,' said Ankie Pannekoek, spokeswoman for the Dutch government hydrology office." As o 2018, the popular press still reports a shorter lenth o 745 miles (~1,200 kilometres).Sheppard, David; Chazan, Guy (2 November 2018). "Where did the Rhine go? Drought-hit cargo river sparks economic fears". OZY. Archived frae the original on 16 Julie 2019. Retrieved 2 November 2018.

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